Pilgrims from Ukraine went to Hajj

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October 07, 2013 year 01:08


  160 Muslim from Ukraine went to the Holy Land to perform the Hajj, 100 pilgrims are from Crimea. Today, they fly out from the airport "Borispol" (Kiev) to Jordan then they will have a transportation to another plane and will fly to Medina and Mecca. In Medina, the pilgrims will visit seven mosques, Mount Uhud, Cuba mosque and the Kiublyaten mosque. After that pilgrims will go to Mecca.

  In October 23 all the pilgrims will be back to Ukraine. Hajj is one of the Islam’s pillars which should be done by each Muslim who have such opportunity and enough piously earned money. Hajj should be effected in the period from 16 (the day of Arafah - standing on Mount Arafat) till 18 of October.

  "Community of Crimean Tatars in Kiev" sincerely wishes godspeed to the pilgrims. We ask Allah to accept their Hajj and prayers.


Press service of the NGO "Community of Crimean Tatars in Kiev"