Mosques of Crimea, Turkey, Europe and other countries honor the victims of Deportation and Genocide.

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May 04, 2012 year 21:38


All the Crimean mosques, the mosques of Turkey, Europe and other countries, where serving Imams are representatives of the Religious Affairs of Turkey Administration, will hold a prayer to honor the victims of May 18, 1944 forced deportation of Crimean Tatars.

Dua (prayer) will be held May 17 during the evening namaz.

The initiators of this activities are Muftiyat of Crimea and Bizim Qirim International Organization.

The muslims will pray for the victims of Stalin's deportation, who passed away in 1944 and subsequent years from the artificially created harsh and difficult conditions.

Dua will also be made for the future prosperity and development of Crimean Tatars.

Almost half of the Crimean Tatar people died from hunger, cold and diseases during deportation and early years of exile. Many vistims were unable to be buried according to Muslim traditions.  

Each Crimean Tatar should remember this tragic date for his people and pray for deceased relatives. 


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