The election of Crimean Tatar people Qurultay delegates was held in Kiev

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May 26, 2013 year 10:54

  May 25, 2013, the election of Crimean Tatar people Qurultay delegates of the VI convocation was held in Kiev. The polling station was launched at 8:00.

  The elections were monitored by international observers - delegates from the Commitee For Open Democracy, the International Republican Institute (IRI) and the Second Secretary of the Embassy of the USA in Ukraine Steven Page, as well as observers from the candidates and public organizations and their units.

  According to the voting, the Chairman of the Community of Crimean Tatar people in Kiev Aslan OMER KIRIMLI became the Qurultay delegate from the single-mandate constituency #45 (Kyiv and Kyiv region) by majority vote. He scored 80%.

  The IPO "Bizim Qırım" gained 29% of votes and won by the proportional election system in the constituency. The Electoral Bloc "Milly Haq" took second place with 19% of votes. International observers noted the high level of transparency of the electoral process.

  Recall, the elections of Crimean Tatar people Qurultay delegates are held under the new electoral system on the basis of universal, equal and direct suffrage by secret ballot.

  Elections are carried out on a mixed (majority-proportional) system: the 200 delegates  are elected by the majority system of relative majority in multi-mandate districts, 50 delegates from the election list of Crimean Tatar social and political organizations and blocs- by proportional system in a single multi-mandate electoral district.


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