Turkey will continue to defend the rights of the Palestinian people

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March 24, 2013 year 23:04


  At the opening of the high-speed rail line Eskisehir-Konya, Prime Minister Erdogan said that the new period has began, both in Turkey and in the region.

  Prime Minister Erdogan said that Israel's apology and compensation that will be paid will not be returned the victims of 'Mavi Marmara' and the loss of the Palestinian people, but they will continue to protect the rights of families of those killed during the attack on the ship, the Palestinian people.

  Prime Minister Erdogan said: " Therefore, we made it clear that the steps that will be taken to the initiated process of normalization, to establish peace in the region may be on these grounds. By these positive developments, I welcome our Palestinian brothers, especially our brothers in Gaza. "

  Prime Minister Erdogan also expressed a desire to implement  the visit to the Gaza Strip and the West Bank in the nearest future.

  The Prime Minister noted that the period, which raises Turkey's authority to new heights, has began.

  It is expected that, Prime Minister Erdogan will visit Palestine. Gaza and the West Bank will be the most important stages of the visit.


According to www.trtrussian.net