Khojali genocide anniversary

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February 22, 2012 year 18:08

At night of Febrary 25th Armenian armed groups supported by heavy machinery and military contingent of 366th motorized regiment Of the former USSR located in town of Khankendi seized the city of Khojali

Assault of the town was preceded by massive artillery and heavy military equipment fire that has begun the evening of February 25. As a result a fire in town erupted, lasting till 5 a.m. covered the whole town. The population of 2500 people that remained in the city was forced to flee their homes with only hope to make the way towards the town of Agdam, district center, mostly populated by Azerbaijanis.
However, military units along with motorized infantry regiment forces that destroyed the town of Khojali committed the massacre of civilians. As a result, 613 people were killed.
It was the bloodiest tragedy of Nagorny-Karabakh conflict, which began in February 1988. The reason were land disputes after self-proclaimed Nagorny-Karabakh Republic declared independence on January 6 1992
Our Community expresses deep condolences to all those who suffered the war and those who have lost the closest people and relatives in this terrible event.