Charity event "Become a Donor!"

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August 28, 2013 year 19:51

  NGO "Community of Crimean Tatars in Kiev " invites everyone to take part in the charity event "Become a Donor!".

  On Friday, August 30, 2013, Organized by the NGO "An- Nur", charity event by donating blood "Become a Donor!" will take place at the Islamic Cultural Center of Kyiv (25a Degtyarevskaya str.).

Which documents must be in possession of a person who wishes to become a donor?

  To donate blood, you need to have a Ukrainian passport or a document replacing it, as well as an identification code. Local registration is not required for the donors who give blood for free. At the discretion of the chief doctor, citizens of Ukraine legally residing in the territory of our state can donate blood . To do this, carry a national passport with you, as well as ID, passport with a note of the date of the last entry into the territory of Ukraine and the countries that the you were visiting for the last three years, and a document confirming the legality of your staying in Ukraine (residence permit , visa , etc.).


Some requirements for dietary

  Remember that the recipients - people with serious diseases, often sitting on a strict diet . Their liver is impaired by drugs permanent , and therefore can not cope with obtained from donor`s blood nutrients of some products. So, potential donor should refrain from fat (meat , lard, butter , eggs, milk, sour cream, ice cream), fried, spicy or very salty food, dairy products, alcohol intake 48 hours before the expected delivery of blood. If you are taking medications - please read the list of contraindications. Blood is better to be taken early in the morning - then donating easier tolerated. The optimal time for blood donation - from 8 to 12 hours. The optimal time of eating - no more than 3-4 hours before giving blood .


What to eat for two days before giving blood?

  You can eat porridge on the water, boiled or steamed vegetables, boiled or steamed lean meat (chicken breast, veal), boiled or steamed lean fish, fruit, juice, jelly, fruit compote. It is better to drink tea with sweets in the morning before taking the blood. You need to drink plenty of fluids - in the morning before taking the blood, and after putting in a few days as well. To help come through the process easier donor will be treated with tea and cookies immediately after donating.

  If you smoke - refrain from smoking for 2 hours before donating blood .


What to put on?

  For your own comfort, make sure that the sleeves and pant legs were wide enough to roll comfortably: pant legs - during the physical examination (for the presence of varicose veins), a sleeve for the immediate donatind of blood. It should be easy to provide quick access to medical examination and listening to the chest and back as well. Shoes should be comfortable and stable, the best option - sports shoes. It is undesirable to put on wedge heels, slippers and sandals.


Do not be indifferent!


Press Service of the NGO "Community of Crimean Tatars in Kiev"