"Department of popular research" reported, that over 20% of authorities in Ukraine are on the Lenin streets.

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May 15, 2012 year 22:10

"Department of popular research" reported, that over 20% of authorities in Ukraine are on the  Lenin streets.
There are 1906 local governments on the Lenin streets in the Ukrainian towns and villages, while there are 536 on the  Shevchenko streets.
These results gave the monitoring of official geographical names in the addresses of the authorities and local government of the  Ukrainian settlements. "The inquiry  were conducted by public initiative " Department of popular research " with the support of the charity organization "Foundation for the development of the Crimea," - Foundation.
"The names of streets, on which official authorities are, represent a goverment`s card. What address does dozens of people and hundreds of correspondence visit per week? All this work how x-rays, it shows the deputies` and officials` attitude to the memory and history of Ukranian people, state, native lands and settlements, "- CEO Alex Skoryk  explains the essence of study.
The researchers analyzed the official address of 8776 local governments by four parameters.
This street names associated with the Ukraine and the Russian Soviet period, present-day Ukraine, Ukraine before the Russian and Soviet period, and a group of geographical, religious and historical names.
"Soviet Ukraine" is dominant in 22 out of 27 administrative units, or in the whole country in 5842 out of 8776 investigated localities.
Geographical names are only in 18% of the official address, 13% - the names associated with the modern, independent Ukraine.
And a group of street names associated with the local historical toponymy and personalities that have been long before the "imperial" and Soviet periods have less than 2%. 
"This feature perfectly shows 
the  local government's neglect of rich history, that every region of our country could be proud of" - the researchers note.