Iftars during Ramadan

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July 26, 2012 year 13:41


Crimean Community of Kiev along with Crimean International Business Association welcome all the muslims, residents and Kiev visitors to iftars, which take place at:


1. 20.07.2012р. (1 Ramadan) 12, Stetsenko st., at Medrese building.
2. 27.07.2012р. (8  Ramadan) 25-A, Degtiarisvska st., Alraid cultural centre.
3. 30.07.2012р. (11 Ramadan)  12, Stetsenko st., at Medrese building. 
4. 03.08.2012р. (15  Ramadan)  25-A, Degtiarisvska st., Alraid cultural centre. 
5. 10.08.2012р. (22  Ramadan) 25-A, Degtiarisvska st., Alraid cultural centre. 
6. 12.08.2012р. (25  Ramadan)  12, Stetsenko st., at Medrese building.

7. 17.08.2012р. (29  Ramadan) 25-A, Degtiarisvska st., Alraid cultural centre.